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Hi there my name is Arthur Korfiatis, I am 52 years old and I am an Energy Healer.

About Me

I have a son who has Autism who is currently 22 years of age and raising him with my devoted and amazing wife has been quite challenging.

Exactly 4 years ago after over 10 years of soul searching, research, prayer and meditation my prayers were answered and I was able to discover an effective way to help my son.

This truly amazing and transformation point in my life can only be described as a deep and life altering spiritual encounter. One evening amongst deep meditation a power came into me and my entire body began to intensely vibrate and shake, it was as if I was directly connected to an extremely powerful source of energy and was being electrified.

This night I encountered a spiritual awakening and my spirit had quite literally kicked into life. Through on going meditation and prayer I have now established the ability to connect to this truly powerful, intelligent and invisible Life Force Energy that sees through everything. I have become a channel for healing energy, healing light and Life Force Energy for others and for myself.

I discovered my purpose and this purpose is to commit my life to helping and healing others and have a deep impact on their state of wellbeing and health.


Sunday 19th of June, 2016

I am writing to truly attest that I have been utilising Arthur’s services for more than a year. I must admit I was initially a sceptic. However after my second session with Arthur I noticed a vast improvement with my overall stress and anxiety levels, to the point that I felt so good that my anxiety attacks have ceased.

My son had significant Asthma where he was using Ventolin up to 6 times per day. After 3 healing sessions with Arthur his condition has significantly improved to the point where he stops having breathing difficulties and wheezing for 3-4 weeks after a session.

Both myself and my son continue to see Arthur and I would happily and confidently recommend Arthur to clients, family and friends.

I am also happy to be contacted of you require further feedback on my experience with utilising Arthur’s healing services.

- Angela Koukoulas (Psychologist)

My name is Fiti Harris and I testify to the power of energy/spiritual healing by Arthur Korfiatis.

Two years ago, for about 3-4 moths, I was suffering from massive headaches, epileptic fits during sleep (I thought I had a brain tumour) and swollen/painful knees.

I've had all kinds of tests (EEC, ECG, MRIs, brain and knees) and they all came back with nothing.

Arthur asked to do a healing on me and I agreed. I felt this surge of energy through me from head to toe and by the time he was finished, I felt to so light and calm. I've had two more sessions after that and I was fine. Recently I have had two to three healings for my stomach and his words of encouragement and positive thinking have always helped and calmed me.

This is my testimony: I believe in the power of energy/spiritual healing through the hands of Arthur Korfiatis from above.

- Fiti Harris

My son was born with issues which affect his heart and immune system. From birth, he was frequently ill and often required emergency hospital admission.  I was at this point, extremely concerned for his wellbeing.

Friends advised me to try natural remedies – I contacted Arthur and booked Luc in for an energy healing session.  Arthur’s ability to keep my son calm and complete the energy transfer was impressive.

After a number of treatments, I saw a marked improvement in his health and wellbeing, to the point where Luc has not been admitted to hospital emergency for more than 18 months now.

I have continued to book my son in for treatments every 2-3 months with Arthur and his health has continued to improve.

Thank you so, so much Arthur.

- Assad Ibrahim  

The most challenging year of my life thus far. My twin boys started primary school, my marriage was slowly dissolving as my husband declared us separated and searched for another. I had continuous pain on the left side of my chest, pins and needles down the left side of my arm. With pain increasing I continued to take care of my family's needs and work commitment (yes, I was working full time too...) Until Anzac Day 2016, where I came to a point where I could not move. The doctor came into my house and examined me lying on my bed and announced I need to call an ambulance and go to hospital now. My response, No I have things to do. I need to make dinner, fix the boys lunches, organise their clothes and we have our readers to do too. He wrote me a referral to the hospital and said you really need to go. So I did everything I needed and intended on doing, put my boys to bed and called the ambulance.  With no family close by and my husband choosing to live a separate life in the garage, I called my friend who followed the ambulance to the hospital. Thinking I'd be home before the boys woke up, I wasn't allowed to go home. With tests upon tests and an MRI or two, I was diagnosed with MS.

My world was no longer identifiable. There were days where I could not walk, relying on a walking stick for support to walk a few metres.  Excruciating pain and the medications on offer did not agree with my deteriorating body and my speech being severely affected, my sister insisted I see Arthur an Energy/Spiritual Healer who I was aware helped heal my cousin recently. So I called Arthur and we had a chat about my situation and history, before making an appointment. During this call I could feel such powerful energy where I was actually able to speak a little clearer and could feel this powerful energy through his voice.  Feeling a difference in just a phone call, I was keen to see the results from my first visit.

Amazing, my speech was again clearer, the excruciating pain on my left shoulder subsided. I was floating, feeling light and happy. I could see again as my third eye reopened allowing me to again connect, listen and See. As soon as Arthur put his hand on my left shoulder, I could feel the healing energy through him pulsating through my left shoulder down my left arm, through and out my fingertips. Yes, there were a few blockages which he stopped to focus on and didn't stop until that energy served its purpose to heal and flow throughout my body.

My second session went even better, as did my third and fourth. Now, when I see Arthur less frequently for top ups to ensure I don't fall back to where I started, it just gets better. From being told my 'body is depleted and like a jigsaw puzzle, we need to put you back together piece by piece', I am not only in less pain physically, emotionally, I'm feeling fantastic. Anytime any one of my friends complain about anything, my response to them is "You need to see Arthur. He's is this amazing Energy/Spiritual Healer" then I remind them of my story and the success I had seeing Arthur.  I'm always recommending Arthur and will continue to do so. He's work is genuine and comes from pure Love, that's real and healing in every way known. To experience this majestic feeling of healing energy is one that is so powerful and life changing, healing in the way our bodies were designed to do so.

- Meryem McLeod 

My father Michael who is now 79 years of age and has been suffering from a long term illness for the last 5 years and has been seeing Arthur on my recommendation since December last year.

My fathers faith in God has enabled Arthur to adopt his Energy/Spiritual healing methods that he has been using with myself and other clients.

With my faith in God I believe Arthur's Spiritual Healing is definitely aiding my father in dealing with his chronic condition and I have seen evidence where symptoms such as excessive shaking, skin lesions, rashes, inflammation, swelling, fatigue, balance and blurred vision have improved or even healed.

Arthur continues to see my father and I would happily recommend Arthur to other people that need healing for any health condition.

- John

My wife Larisa has suffered from chronic migraine headaches all her life and we were at a loss as to what to do to help her relieve her suffering.

After having an MRI that gave her the all clear in terms of anything abnormal, the specialist stated that there were two possible routes to take.

One was a prescription of strong medication that would most likely have side effects and the other was simply to take Panadol or a stronger pain killer.

Neither of these options appealed as a long term remedy so we wanted to explore a more natural approach to the problem.

Then a good friend recommended we see Arthur and I’m so glad we did.

On the first consultation he immediately identified a serious blockage in the energy flow around Larisa’s head and worked his magic to restore a healthy flow. Well, I can tell you that the results have been nothing short of a miracle. Everything Arthur had predicted has come true.

Initially there were a few more incidents of severe headaches as you would expect from a forty year sufferer. But the good news is that over a period of 6 months of regular visits the headaches have now become far less frequent and only minor.

Before Larisa could not get out of bed the pain was so debilitating and this would happen every 2 weeks on average. Now she only gets a minor headache every month and sometimes not at all.

We will follow Arthur’s advice now and see him monthly just to maintain the incredible healing already done.

We are delighted with Arthur’s work and highly recommend anyone suffering from migraines to see him. You have nothing to loose and everything to gain.

- Nicolas Kingsley

My Mother has had Chronic Asthma since she was 6 years old she is now 84 years old , she has been on numerous drugs all her life to help her breathe better, including Prednisolone, Ventolin, etc.

Now thanks to Arthur and his amazing ability of Energy Healing she is not only virtually drug free but her lungs have improved so much that she has no wheezing on a daily basis at all. She has wheezed on some level all of her life and been short of breath I find this amazing in itself.

It was highlighted particularly on a stay in Box Hill Hospital just recently due to a small accident at home, how clear her breathing was even though she had gone through this small traumatic event. Normally she would require ventilator support as well, that to me is remarkable.

Thanks to Arthur, mum to this day is still clear in her breathing and is able to perform her normal duties without her previous very restrictive breathing problems.

Arthur now sees my mother once every two months to maintain her breathing.

I was a little sceptical about Energy Healing but after seeing my mother now after 60 years of chronic Asthma breathing normally, I would dare say it is a miracle.

Thank You Arthur you are amazing.

- John Harris Son of Doreen Harris

I have been seeing Arthur for the past 18 months after being diagnosed with a highly aggressive cancer (Stage III – retroperitoneal liposarcoma). I had a giant tumour in my abdomen (approx 20cm wide) and underwent 6 weeks of radiation therapy, 5 rounds of chemotherapy and major surgery to resect the tumour as well as a bowel resection. Arthur’s healing not only aided the healing process but contributed significantly to my recovery during this critical time.

Arthur is an extraordinarily gifted healer who is passionate about helping others. He is honestly one of the kindest, most caring and generous people I have ever met! I feel blessed to meet him in my life and I am forever grateful for his wonderful healing.

Whilst undergoing radiation therapy, the side effects I experienced were minimal. My doctors couldn’t believe how well my body was tolerating the treatment without taking any anti-nausea medication so they extended my treatment! I have no doubt that it was the energy healing that enabled me to cope so well. I never thought I would recover from the surgery but I did. Arthur introduced me to meditation and positive thinking which was beneficial to my recovery. He even came to visit me in hospital twice to do healing sessions just so I could get better!! I cannot thank him enough for everything he has done for me. I am not sure where I would be today or what I would have done without him. With all my heart and the deepest appreciation and gratitude for all that he has done.


- Ozlem Karabardak

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